Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cafe Playset Review

Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cafe Playset Review

The Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cafe has plenty of storage for your Shopkins!

What’s in the box

1 Cupcake Queen Cafe

1 Shopkins Cafe Sign

2 Exclusive Cake Boxes

2 Exclusive Shopkins

1 Table and Chairs set

1 Cake Display Stand


The Cupcake Queen Cafe playset is lots of fun for pretend play, you can now have your very own cafe and fill it with your Shopkins! The cupcake stand comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins one Cupcake and one that looks like a kind of sponge cake or perhaps a macaroon. You also get a table and chairs for seating your Shopkins outside the cafe and a cafe sign to with a cute Shopkin design on the front, perfect for pretending to have your own cafe! You can store two Shopkins inside the 2 exclusive cake boxes and have them on display within your cafe.

The main playset cafe has lots of storage with a cupcake stand with 2 shelves, another two shelves for your cake boxes, a glittery doored Shopkins storage with enough room for a few more Shopkins and a cake display stand with a glitter lid fitting one or two Shopkins inside.

Overall this set is really fun for pretending you have your very own cafe, it has lots of storage for your Shopkins and you can display them very nicely with this set. We would have loved to have seen more play features such as the lift and slides in the Shopkins Fashion Boutique playset but it does serve very well for storage and pretend play.

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