Disney Frozen Elsa Styling Head

The Disney Frozen Elsa Styling Head is great fun, you can now style Queen Elsa’s hair just the way you like. Braid it, have it straight or give her pigtails, you can now give her hair the look you want!

What’s in the box

1 Elsa Styling Head, 1 Tiara, 1 Hairbrush, 4 Hair Accessories and 4 Hair Bands.


The styling head was easy to set up as you simply remove it from the box, remove the silicone holding her hair in place and place it on a surface to style her hair on, any flat surface will do. You can then proceed to style Elsa’s hair, using the hairbrush you are able to brush her hair, unfortunately with the one I had I wasn’t able to brush her hair as easily as I had hoped for as it was stuck together, the USA version is of better quality and I don’t think this is an issue for the USA version that said this one was good enough to style into a simply pony tail and bun for me. Once you are done styling her hair you can place her tiara on her head and adding the hair accessories so she looks just like she does in the Disney Frozen movie.

Overall I was quite pleased with the quality of the head and accessories but the one I received did have its hair stuck together, I am unsure if all of the Elsa Styling heads in the UK suffer this issue.