Disney Frozen Pop Up Olaf by Tomy Review

Disney Frozen Pop Up Olaf by Tomy Review

The Disney Frozen Pop Up Olaf by Tomy is lots of popping up fun for all the family!

What’s in the box

1 Pop up barrel base, 1 Olaf Figure, Four sets of 6 crystal sticks, Stickers for crystal sticks.


This is so much fun for all of the family, the Frozen Pop-Up Olaf allows children to have fun and recreates memories for adults. This set is the same game as Pop-Up Pirate which for many is a childhood favourite. To get started you place the Olaf figure inside the barrel and push him down to set the barrel and then start playing with up to four players by pushing the crystal sticks turn by turn into the barrel slots. Eventually one of the slots will trigger the pop up action of the barrel and Olaf will jump up and out of the barrel. This is so much for for the whole family and recreates memories and modernises a classic toy. This is suitable for ages 4+.