Disney Inside Out Deluxe Figure Playset Review

Disney Inside Out Deluxe Figure Playset Review

We are so happy to review the Disney Inside Out Deluxe Figure Playset!

What’s in the box

10 characters from the Disney Pixar Inside Out movie:

• Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness, Bing Bong, Rainbow Unicorn, Fear, Frank, Dave and Bobby


Disney has made a lot of similar figurine playsets for their latest movies and Inside Out which is due for release in June 2015 in the USA has its own early. These figures are well detailed and look just how they do in the trailers for the film. None of the figures are articulated and are best used for display purposes as they are all on base stands, if you are a collector you will love them as decorative toys but using them for play is not ideal. Unfortunately our Joy broke very easily within about 2 minutes of play although she was easily stuck back together with a little glue. For any kind of play you would be best waiting for the new Inside Out toys that are coming soon. We recommend these mostly for collectors, fans of the movie and those who love decorative playsets/toys.

The recommended age is ages 3 years plus.

If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video:


Inside Out Sadness Inside Out DisgustInside Out Bing Bong Inside Out Anger IMG_7623 IMG_7624IMG_7619 IMG_7625IMG_7618 IMG_7613 Inside Out Joy Inside Out Fear IMG_7616

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