Disney Minnie Mouse Cash Register Review

Disney Minnie Mouse Cash Register Review

The Disney Minnie Mouse Cash Register is lots of fun and a great learning toy!

What’s in the box

• We get the Minnie Mouse Cash Register which comes with handheld play shopping scanner

• 3 sets of coins and notes

• Magic pad pen.


The cash register is perfect for pre-school and children just starting out at school. The calculator feature of the cash register is lots of fun and educational at the same time allowing your child to pretend play and have lots of fun at the same time as learning. The numbers on the calculator are brightly coloured and big enough for small fingers so they are not fiddly. There is a basic LCD display at the back showing the calculations.

The handheld scanner is simple to use simply press the button to scan and watch its light light up. The scanner is for pretend play only and does not scan items. When you press the button it displays a number at random on the LCD display to make it look like the items are being scanned.

The cash register comes with lots of pretend play money including cash notes and coins. The coins are shaped like the Mickey Mouse logo.

On the cash register there is a microphone tannoy system that works just like a shops tannoy system, you press the microphone button and speak into the microphone to hear your voice.

To the right of the register there is a magic note pad, to use it you take the magic pen and draw on the orange plastic sheet. I found that the writing would disappear very easily and that the pad is only suitable for drawing a single number, the pad would lift a little in use which does lead to whatever is written or drawn being erased.

Below the pad is the till drawer button, pressing it, it makes a ping sound and the drawer opens for you. The drawer sometimes has issues going back in but with a few pushes of it it will click into place.

On the left of this playset there is a manual conveyor belt, this has space for some smaller shopping items like play fruit, you place them on and turn the knob at its side to move the items along during checking out.

Overall I think this toy is lots of fun and is a great educational toy. I love the Minnie Mouse design with the bow and bright pink colours and the working calculator.

I think improvement could be made with the magic pad however to ensure that writing stays in place until the plastic is lifted to erase it and not beforehand. This part of the toy could become frustrating for young children who may see their drawings erased before being able to look at them. The cash drawer could do with some improvement and close each time but other than those two small issues this toy is really good fun and I recommend this for pre-school and children in their first school year (reception/kindergarten).

This set is for ages 3+

If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video: