Disney Popstar Minnie Purse

Disney Popstar Minnie Purse

The Disney Popstar Minnie Purse is a bag of fun for anyone wanting to pretend play as a VIP like a popstar. This Disney Store exclusive is super cute!

What’s in the box

• We get the purse which is more like a bag because of its size

• Camera (doesn’t work as a normal camera however)

• Play lipstick

• Sunglasses

• Vanity mirror

•  Two VIP passes on lanyards.


The Popstar Minnie purse is perfect for anyone looking to feel like a popstar, this set comes with lots of cute accessories and all of them conveniently fit inside the purse although it does seem large enough to be called a bag.

The bag is a hard plastic and is very similar in style to the Disney Doc McStuffins Doctors Bag with a glittery handle it looks very cute to carry around.

The accessories are easy to use, the mirror is cute with Minnie Mouse on it and the lipstick can be turned and wound in and out like a real lipstick. There are two VIP passes that have lanyards so they can be easily worn around the neck, they are easy break lanyards too making them safe for children.

The sunglasses are wearable and have cute pink bows on both sides of the eyes and the camera has a small eyepiece you can see through with a picture of Minnie on the back where you would normally find an LCD viewfinder. The camera has a shutter button which clicks when pressed but this camera does not function as a normal camera and that must be kept in mind before purchasing the set.

Overall this is a great playset for creative pretend play.

This set is suitable ages 3+

If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video: