Doc McStuffins Doctors Bag Playset

Doc McStuffins Doctors Bag Playset

The Doc McStuffins Doctors Bag playset is lots of fun, pretend to be a doctor with this set!

What’s in the box

Inside we get a glittery doctor’s bag, stethoscope, ear scope, syringe, thermometer and 2 plastic bandaids.


The Doc McStuffins Doctors Bag Playset lets you become a doctor just like Dottie in seconds. The doctors bag is finished with a cute pink glitter and the carry handle allows you to fit all of the equipment the set comes with inside allowing you to put away the set easily or play on the go.

The equipment is simple to use and pretend play with, the syringe moves just like a real syringe and the bandaids will fit on a child’s wrist with ease. The tools have glittery handles that make the set extra pretty and cute and the thermometer features smiley faces and sad faces for pretending to measure temperature.

For me the most fun part is the stethoscope, with 16 phrases said by Dottie Doc McStuffins. You can listen to them in the video.

This set is available on Amazon and from the Disney Store and is suitable for ages 3+.