Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center Review

Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center Review

The Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center lets you treat your patients and have loads of fun!

What’s in the box

• The checkup center

• Otoscope

• Knee hammer

• Syringe

• Hallie mobile phone

• Sticker roll

• Lambie figure

• X-Ray cards

• Scales

• 3 tool holders.


This set is perfect for anyone who loves Doc McStuffins, you become Doc McStuffins when you play and there is so many great features in this set.

  • Big Book of Boo Boos – Turn the pages and diagnose your patient’s problems.
  • X Ray machine – This comes with two cards, when inserted the X-Ray machine lights up and tells you how to treat your patient.
  • Movable sign – Spin this to signify when the Doc is in or out.
  • Height Measurer and Scales – Measure the height of your patients by moving it up and down and weight your patients on the scales. The scales don’t have a meter but do move up and down with weight.
  • Lambie Figure – The figure is not as small as one might expect, it is roughly 3-4 inches in height with her legs extended.
  • Storage Cupboard – At the bottom of the set there is a storage cupboard allowing you to put away all of the accessories.
  • Docs Phone – The phone has one functioning button to call Hallie, when pressed Hallie speaks and answers the phone.
  • Tool holders – The tool holder pegs can be positioned anywhere you like by pulling them out and pushing them into the other holes, this allows you to place the tools where you would like them.
  • Sink – The sink feature has a turning tap which makes a clicking sound when turned.
  • Sticker Roll – The sticker roll fits into the cupboard door and when pulled a new sticker can be removed, the stickers feature bandages for your patient. Unfortunately there is no obvious way of finding refills for these.
  • The Checkup Center – The main table part of the checkup center when pressed on or when you place a patient on it lights up and helps you diagnose and treat your patient.

Overall this toy is full of fun features for pretend and creative play. The quality is good and setup we found simple because of the labelled parts. Playing doctor has never been so much fun!

This set is for ages 6 months plus.

If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video: