Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Check Up Center Review

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Check Up Center Review

The Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Check Up Center is lots of fun for playing Doc.

What’s in the box

  • 1 Pet Vet Checkup Center
  • Instruction manual
  • Findo figure
  • Vet accessories which include thermometer, otoscope and x-ray slides.


Become Doc McStuffins as you play vet with this Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Check Up Center.  Setting up is simple as all the parts are labelled and numbered and it requires no tools except for opening the battery door with a screwdriver. It has so many great features and is lots of fun for imaginative play, become a vet with this playset!

This set comes with Findo, a very cute puppy who you can look after using your set. He is made of plastic and we would have loved to have had a soft Findo perhaps with fur to brush but he is very adorable. He has movable legs and head which adds to how cute he looks when his head is tilted.

The set comes with a heartbeat monitor and button activated sound stethoscope which when pressed Doc McStuffins says several different phrases. It also has an X-Ray feature with two slides which is button activated and when pressed lights up showing you what is wrong with Findo or your other pets.

It has a bath with a small shower head allowing you to give Findo a pretend bath, the shower head has a button which when pressed a plastic water jet comes out so you can pretend to wash him.

There is a sign at the top of the set which lets everyone know when the Doc is in and when the Doc is out by turning it around.

One of our favourite features is the dog biscuit dispenser, you place the plastic doggy treats in through the top and they drop to the bottom, to release them into the bowl beneath you simply turn the dog bone wheel and the treats fall from the dispenser into the dish ready for Findo to eat.

The set comes with a sticker dispenser allowing you to give your patients or pets a sticker when they leave or a bandage for when they are needing looking after. There is also a swing accessory holder below the center perfect for storing accessories or playing with Findo.

There are a set of scales allowing you to weigh Findo and your patients.

We think this set is perfect for any child who loves looking after animals and caring for their toys.

This set is suitable for ages 3+

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If you would like to see this playset in action check out our video: