Kurio Smart 9 Tablet Review

Kurio Smart 9 Tablet Review

The Kurio Smart 9 tablet is a smart, simple and innovative 2 in 1 tablet/laptop for kids!

What’s in the box

1 Kurio Smart tablet, micro USB cable and power supply.


From the moment of turning the Kurio 9 on we were impressed, this tablet is feature packed and has a very clear screen unlike so many other children’s tablets.

Out of the box it looks very smart in white and blue, you simply lift the tablet part up and push it into place which is very easy for children to do to have it with the keyboard attached, a magnet ensures it stays in place during use.

A lot of thought has clearly went into this products design, it looks very sleek and has an IPS screen which when in use doesn’t look pixelated at all, on a table or on your lap it looks great.

The tablet comes shipped with Windows 8 which you can upgrade in a few clicks to Windows 10, this is the first kids tablet we know of to use Windows 10 and it works so well. Family safety is built into the operating system with Windows Family Safety settings allowing parents to control how long children are using their tablet and can monitor their activity with peace of mind.

The Kurio Smart comes preloaded with some fun children’s games which includes Burger a fun burger making game. It also comes with a 1 year Microsoft Office package allowing you to do homework using programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher. Microsoft Edge is built into Windows 10 so you can go online and do homework research very easily.

With an internal memory of 32GB you will have no shortage of space for storing homework documents and plenty of games and apps from the Windows Store including family favourites Minecraft and Minion Rush, access can be restricted using parental controls (some of the internal memory is used for Windows however but you still have plenty left).

There is a front facing and rear camera on the tablet allowing you to communicate with friends via Skype and take pictures. It also comes with some motion games that utilise the cameras allowing you to control drones and play fun motion activities with friends. The tablet has a quad core processor and it is so fast and performs very well especially for its price.

Children using this tablet will have no problems transitioning to a full desktop PC or laptop when they are older, with this tablet you are able to get used to using Windows early in life which is the worlds most popular operating system.

The tablet has its own charger, we would have loved to have seen micro usb charging with this tablet but it didn’t appear to charge when we tested this out.

Overall compared to other tablets for kids, this has to be our most favourite, it is easy for parents to install new apps to for their children and there is no Kurio marketplace selling apps that you will find on other children’s tablets, the freedom parents have to install free apps and paid apps of their choice makes this an excellent choice. You can use your Microsoft account to sign in and sync and everything is as it should be, simple to use, fun and in with the times. It is marketed towards older children but this tablet can be used by younger kids just as easily too.

This tablet is suitable for ages 6+

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Disclaimer: We received the Kurio 9 from KurioWorld for review purposes. Our reviews are based wholly on our own opinions.

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