Kurio Watch Kids Smart Watch Review

Kurio Watch Kids Smart Watch Review

The Kurio Watch is a smart watch for kids packed full of features!

What’s in the box

1 Kurio Watch

1 USB Charging Lead


The Kurio Watch has so many features I just don’t know where to start so let’s start with telling you all about what happens when it is turned on. To begin with you are asked for the current date and time and a name for the owner of the watch. Entering this information is easy as it has a touch screen and going back on the device is a matter of swiping to the right. You can choose from various themes and clock faces with cool themes from LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) and Transformers available!

Once you are all set up you are presented with the apps screen or home screen. None of the apps are labelled so it is a case of learning and discovering which icon is for this and that but most of them are fairly obvious.

The watch comes in 3 different and very funky vibrant colours blue, pink and purple.


Here is a list of the apps it has:

Camera – The watch has a front facing camera which is perfect for taking selfies and have fun with the video recording feature. Children will be very pleased with the camera quality.

Gallery – A picture gallery for videos and pictures you have taken and to manage them.

Music – Allows you to listen to music off your SD card (sold separately)

Messaging – Allows messages to be sent via Bluetooth to other Kurio Watches and Bluetooth enabled Android devices ie phones and tablets. You can also send photos, smilies and voice messages.

Phone Feature – With this feature you can connect the watch to a parents phone allowing calls and texts to be sent and received through the paired phone, how cool!

Language Translator – You can choose from common phrases and convert them into many other languages, very handy if a child is on holiday!

Funny Face Generator – Now that is a poor name for it but that is all I can think of to describe it, it is an app which allows you make yourself look funny using the built in camera you can apply moustaches and headphones galore to yourself.

Notes and Drawing – Included is a notes app allowing you to draw or write very short notes due to screen space restrictions but it works well for what it is.

Calendar – Add special events and dates to your own calendar.

Reminders – Set reminders so you are alerted when you have an appointment or a homework deadline, perfect for reminding kids of the days or times they have any chores.

Pedometer – One of the coolest features to help keep kids active is the built in pedometer, it counts steps and does so fairly accurately and even gives facts too, it counted me for 116 steps and told me that the worlds oldest woman is 116 years old, how interesting AND educational! It also counts the distance travelled and your current speed.

Timer – This counts down from a set amount of time, very useful if your children are learning to cook!

Stopwatch – A cool stopwatch feature, they always come in handy when doing fun races with friends and family members.

Alarm – You can set an alarm so you wake up on time!

Calculator – It does maths remarkably well!

Contacts – You can add contacts with their name, number and email address and save them to your Kurio watch, perfect for when making friends and wanting to stay in touch.

Games Included

Pirates Battle Game

Ninja Roll Game

Sport Challenge

Snake – Anyone who ever had a Nokia 3210 or 3310 may remember this game quite fondly, this is an updated version in colour.

Tic Tac Toe (Noughts and Crosses)

Stuff For Parents

Kurio not only thought about the kids, they thought about the parents concerns too, in the Smart watch you can add emergency contact information with the child’s doctors and insurance details ready just in case of an emergency using the I.C.E app.

Overall I think this watch could make a great Christmas present, it has so many handy features taking watches to whole new levels.

Buy it now on Amazon

For even more information please visit the Kurio Watch website which highlights its features and more – http://kuriowatch.com/


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If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video:


Technical Specs

Display – 1.54″ Touch Screen 240 x 240 pixels resolution


Motion Sensor

Battery – 400mah Rechargeable battery via micro USB

Internal Memory – 256mb (Some of this is allocated to the operating system)

External Memory – Micro SD Card slot to expand up to 32gb memory

Bluetooth 3.0

Speaker and Microphone built in

Vibration Motor

USB Cable (Plug not included cable only)

Compatible with Windows XP and above and Mac OS 10.10 and above.

Disclaimer: Please note that we received the Kurio Smart free from Kurio, however our review is honest and based upon our own opinions.