LeapFrog Epic Review

LeapFrog Epic Review

The LeapFrog Epic is leaps and bounds better than the LeapPad series of children’s tablets and makes for an excellent upgrade or Christmas present!

What’s in the box

1 LeapPad Epic

1 Charging cable (Micro USB)


The Epic is the latest LeapFrog tablet and is the successor to the recent LeapPad Platinum. The Epic now runs an android operating system and has a higher resolution display as well as some excellent new features.

It’s case is very rugged, it comes with a thick rubber case that protects the sides of the tablet from drops and knocks and it has a preinstalled screen protector to help protect against scratches. The feel of it in your hands is good, the rubber is smooth although the tablet is a little heavy, in the hand it feels similar to holding a 10″ Samsung Galaxy Tab S although smaller.

It charges via micro USB which makes it very easy to charge, previous tablets had a proprietary charger but now you can charge it with most mobile phone and tablet chargers making this much easier and more convenient to charge wherever you are.

The LeapFrog Epic now allows you to create your own worlds, you can customise your homepage with an animated world that you can fill with stickers. Choices of stickers include animals, transport, nature and more, there are so many to choose from. There are 3 worlds to choose from, a city, a housing estate and a fun fair world.

Apps included are a calculator, word of the day, the Leap Store, LeapSearch, Pet Pad Party, Reward Store, Gallery, Calendar, Notepad, Sound Recorder, Weather (localised weather), Photo Fun Ultra, Art Studio Ultra, Solar Taxi, Stretchy Monkey 2, Music App with Nursery Rhymes and some extra demo apps and games.

The parents center on the tablet is very robust and allows you to set a pin and control time on the tablet and permissions, manage apps on the tablet, wifi settings and use an open internet browser free of the restrictions placed when using a normal account.

It comes with two cameras, a front facing one and rear facing one allowing you to take pictures of yourself with ease. The camera quality in our opinion is very good for a tablet at this price.

The stylus is built in and slots back into the tablet for safe storage and is optional as to whether you use it or not. Headphones can be inserted into the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Overall we are very pleased with this latest LeapFrog product, it is in our opinion much better than all of the current LeapPad products available, it contends with the likes of the Kurio Smart 9 and performs very well. This is one of the best kids tablets of 2015.

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