Leapfrog LeapPad Platinum Tablet Review

Leapfrog LeapPad Platinum Tablet Review

The Leapfrog LeapPad Platinum is an all in one learning and gaming tablet designed to provide hours of educational fun for children.

What’s in the box

• 1 LeapPad Platinum

• 1 charger

• 1 USB data cable

• 6 Imagicards


The LeapPad Platinum is a fun educational tablet for children aged between 3 and 9. It powers on out of the box with no need to charge it immediately and set up is very simple too, we were able to connect it to the wifi within minutes. It does have an initial set up time as it downloads updates for the tablet but only took around 5 minutes to complete.

Profile Personalisation

Once you have set up everything you can get started personalising your profile, tapping on your profile picture allows you to customise it by taking a photo of yourself with the inbuilt camera or choose one from your gallery. Here you can also change your name and choose from the many predesigned backgrounds, there is something for everyone to choose from.

The Apps

The tablet comes with many preinstalled apps and comes with 1 free choice of game, we chose the Elements on the Loose game which is a science game. Here is a list of the included apps and what they do:

  • Pet – Create your very own virtual pet.
  • Pet Chat – Peer to peer pet chat.
  • LeapSearch – The Kid Safe Web Browser
  • App Centre – Allows parents to purchase apps for the tablet (parentally locked and controlled)
  • Sneak Peaks
  • Music
  • Photo Fun – Allows you to take photos and make them look funny with filters and liquifying effects.
  • Voice Memo – Record voice notes.
  • Welcome –  Introduction to the tablet.
  • Notepad – Your own notepad to store notes.
  • Clock – Check the time and use a stop watch.
  • Calculator – Fully functional calculator.
  • Calendar –  Add your events and birthdays to the calendar so you don’t forget.
  • 1 Free Game –  Choose a game when setting up and it will appear on your home screen.
  • Several demo apps including the Imagicard demo app

Hardware and Features

  • This tablet boasts a 7 inch screen just like the Nexus 7 and has a high resolution. Compared to older LeapPads the Platinum has the clearest and highest quality screen. It is very responsive to touch and is shatter proof.
  • Turn on time is very quick, we found that this one starts up much faster than earlier versions of LeapPad due to the faster processor.
  • It has 8GB built in storage so you can take lots of photos and videos.
  • The tablet is compatible with some of the older LeapPad cartridges.
  • Built in Wi-fi for easy connectivity and USB connectivity for connecting without Wi-fi.
  • The build is rugged so it feels like it will stand the test of time especially when dropped and such.
  • It has two 2 megapixel cameras, one front and one back perfect for taking selfies and pictures of others.
  • You can use either the provided soft tipped stylus pen or the touch screen to play.

Overall this is a great child friendly tablet, the built in web browser is perfect for parents who want to know their child is watching pre-approved kid safe web content and the educational apps are fun enough to keep children playing for a long time.

We found that the only downside was it would have been nice to have had more games and apps preinstalled.

Let us know what you think of the LeapPad Platinum, will this be on your Christmas 2015 list?

If you would like to see this tablet in action check out our video: