Mario Drone Quadcopter by Carrera RC From The Toy Insider Toy Review

Mario Drone Quadcopter by Carrera RC From The Toy Insider Toy Review

This Mario drone is fun for everyone, adults and kids will love it!

What’s in the box

The Mario drone

A pack of replacement propellers

Charging USB Cable (No adapter)

1 LiPo battery for the drone

Remote Control and batteries


Gone are the days of playing with toys on the ground, kids can take to the skies with the Mario RC drone quadcopter by Carrera RC.

It is so much fun and so simple to use and it is fairly safe to use indoors too. The drone is easy to turn on and fly anywhere, simply switch on the controller and make sure the battery pack is plugged in under the drone, flip the throttle down and up and it pairs with the drone and you can begin flying. We had hours of fun with the drone flying it both in our living room and outside. Outside it was much more fun as you have more space to fly without the risk of hitting and breaking your belongings but even in the event of an indoor crash the drone is cushioned by its polystyrene edges and safety features.

The drone when crash landed will usually turn off which seems to be a built in safety feature. The edges of the drone are made from polystyrene to ensure any hard landings are cushioned as much as possible and to prevent injury, the drone is very safe for kids to use, our 8 year old had lots of fun flying it and mastered it within minutes. The charging time for the drone is an hour and you get 7 minutes of fly time out of it so it is best to stock up on spare batteries if you would like to take this out for a while but the batteries are cheap and can be found on ebay. If you got four spares you would then be able to get 35 minutes of flight time, even more than £1000+ drones. These batteries are compatible and slightly more powerful –

We were never able to trim the drone correctly using the trim buttons on the remote but we were able to fly fairly well even though it was going backwards slightly on its own, something which should be easy to correct with the trim buttons but we never figured it out and were having more fun seeing how high it could go.

After several crash landings (maybe 100+) we did break the polystyrene but sellotape was a simple fix for ours!

Overall this is an excellent toy and one that any child into tech and gadgets will love. It made The Toy Insider’s Hot List of toys for Christmas 2016 and we are not surprised.

The toy was sent to us kindly by The Toy Insider –

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