My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hair Styling Case Review

The My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hair Styling Case is a bundle of fun for any MLP lover, but be sure to already have a pony with hair to style first.

What’s in the box

The Rainbow Dash hair styling case includes the case itself, beads, hair extension clips x2, bead threader, hair bands (bobbles) and a temporary transfer tattoo.


The case looks great as soon as you get it out of the box you are excited to see what you get with it, once you open there are two bags with everything inside that you can use to style your ponies hair. This case doesnt come with a pony so you will need to have your own pony or doll with hair prior to getting the case otherwise you will not be able to make use of the hair styling accessories.

The case itself is great to carry and store toys and anything else you can fit inside, it opens by its catch and opens and closes with ease. The accessories are simple enough to use, to use the bead threader you simply pull through some hair through the loop, place a bead on the other end and push the bead until it goes up and over the loop and then the bead threads onto the hair, I found that I had to squeeze the bead threader at the base of the loop for it to slide on easily and it can get very fiddly when adding multiple beads. The other accessories are really easy to use, simple slide on the hair extension using the clip and use the hair bands similarly to regular hair bands (bobbles).

If you or your child love styling your dolls or ponies hair this set is great and fits the purpose very well although I would have liked to have seen more colour variations for the hair extensions to match Rainbow Dash’s hair. The case makes a very nice carry case if you find somewhere else to keep your accessories.

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