Num Noms Go Go Cafe Playset Review

Num Noms Go Go Cafe Playset Review

The Num Noms Go Go Cafe playset is super cute fun with your motorised Nums!

What’s in the box

  • Go Go Cafe Playset
  • Special edition orange Num and vanilla motorised Nom
  • Collectors menu
  • Spoon


This playset is really cute! There are a few different activities that your Num Noms can do so let’s take a look at its features.

Doughnut Wheel

They can have lots of fun on the doughnut wheel which spins around when you put your motorised Num Nom on it. Using it is really easy, your Num moves along the grooves inside the wheel which spins it slowly, it is very cute to watch as the Num moves trying to spin it.

Teeter Totter Saucer

The teeter totter saucer moves back and forth in a see-sawing action. Place your Num on it and watch as it goes around and rocks back and forth.

Teapot Shower

They can have a splash in the teapot shower. The teapot shower is one of our favourite features, your motorised Num can be placed just before the door, move through the doors (which open as the Num pushes through which is really adorable to watch as they slowly open up) and then it goes through the shower area which doesn’t use real water but small plastic strips but it is still a nice water effect, parents will be glad that the set cannot make any mess.

Peek a Boo Teacup

The most fun part of the set is the Peek a Boo Teacup, your Num Noms move around the track to eventually tumble and fall into the teacup which has an opening in the side of it allowing your Num Noms to continue out of the teacup after tumbling and carry on moving which is really fun to watch.

Overall we think this set is really really cute, one of the cutest playsets around, the Num Noms have a place they can call home and have fun on and it is perfect for anyone who is collecting Num Noms. We would have loved to have seen the Nums move faster around the cafe but they do move very slowly. We done some testing with a Nom on top of a Num and found it moves even slower than when on their own. Some Nums do appear to move more quickly than others and we think that freshly charged batteries will have some effect on their speed but with the Noms on top they do move really slow even on top of the faster ones. They take small watch type batteries and replacing them is easy so you can refresh them every so often.

We would have loved to have seen them whizz around the playset a little faster with a little more go go but they are lots of fun to play with and watch. Be sure to take a look at our video featuring the playset showing the set off with extra Num Noms.

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If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video:

We also made a Num Noms stop motion animation video which shows them sped up in all their Nummy Nommy cuteness: