Peppa Pig Jumbo Playset Review

Peppa Pig Jumbo Playset Review

The Peppa Pig Jumbo Playset is huge and comes with lots of your favourite characters from the Peppa Pig TV show.

What’s in the box

• Peppa Pig figures, Suzy Sheep, Suzy Sheeps’ Mummy, Rebecca Rabbit, Rebecca Rabbit’s Mummy, George Pig

• Grandpa Pig train and carts

• 1 Roundabout base

• 1 Slide base.


This playset does live up to its “jumbo” name coming with 8 articulated character figures and two park playset pieces your child can have lots of fun having a day out at the park with Peppa Pig and friends. All of the figures except Grandpa Pig on his train have movable arms and legs which can be positioned sitting or standing. Standing can be a little fiddly at times as you need to set the legs correctly to make up the characters weight on top, this can be a little frustrating because one small knock on the floor or table and they do come tumbling down quickly. The figures are nicely detailed and are strong enough to be played with by younger children.

The set comes with two park pieces, the roundabout base which has a tree, fence and roundabout park piece. You can place your figures on the roundabout and then push the roundabout around just like you would at a real park which is great fun for younger children. The figures do have a hard time standing when on the roundabout and are very easily flung off the roundabout but standing them on it isnt all too important.

The slide piece is just as you would expect, it is like a park slide and you place the figure at the top, give them a little push and watch them go down the slide.

Overall I think this is a great playset for younger children allowing them to have imaginative play. This set is suitable for ages 3+

If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video: