Peppa Pig Medic Case Review

Your little one will have hours of fun helping Peppa Pig diagnose and cure all of her patients with this fun pretend play medical case. The Peppa Pig Medic case is lots of fun!

What’s in the box

Includes a Peppa Pig case, mirror, thermometer, stethoscope, syringe, otoscope, tweezers, plaster, medicine bottle and scissors.


The Peppa Pig Medic case is lots of fun for pretend playing as a nurse. Simply pop the catch and get starting to play, there is no set up involved. Children who have shown a particular interest in Peppa Pig and helping others will love this as it helps them learn through pretend play. It comes packed with doctors instruments for carrying out all kinds of general health testing. With this kit your child will be able to pretend to check peoples temperature with the plastic thermometer, listen to their heartbeat and breathing using the stethoscope, pretend to give medicine using the syringe, check their ears with the otoscope and so much more. The case is fairly sturdy although at times it can be difficult fitting all of the instruments back in with ease, the plastic tools look great and have the right level of detail expected for toys marketed towards the age group and there’s not too much detail that they look too realistic. The case can be packed away and carried around easily using the carrying handle. The medical case is suitable for ages 3+.