Play Doh Clown Playset

The Play-Doh Clown playset was lots of fun dressing up the clown and making him look fun fun fun but could do with some improvement for little hands.

What’s in the box

Play Doh Clown base and parts, four pots of Play Doh compound, extruder, hats and accessories.


This playset is very simple to set up and once set up you can get started making your colourful clown. To get started you push play doh into his head from underneath and also fill up the hole for his tongue which is beside the opening for his head. Once you have enough inside you place it on top of the base and PUSH! This is the part we found tricky as adults, a child would likely have to put their whole weight on the head pushing down for the play doh hair to be pushed out and tongue. Children under 10 would really struggle with this part which unfortunately lets down this playset. With the accessories you get an extruder balloon pump which you fill with Play Doh and then pump the play doh into one of the moulds, this is fairly straight forward but the effort to get the play doh inside of the mould is phenomenal, as an adult it took a lot of strength to force the play doh through the mould. The extruder could work better with play doh plus however it is not supplied.

This set is recommend for ages 36 months to 8 years although we would recommend an adult to help with this throughout play due to the potential for frustration.

Once the clown is complete he does look hilarious with his hair, big red nose, tongue and hats and you can have lots of fun with his tilting arms with the play doh pies you can make.