Play Doh Marvel Can Heads Review

Play Doh Marvel Can Heads Review

The Play Doh Marvel Can Heads are great fun for anyone who wants to battle with their Play Doh creations with really cool Marvel characters.

What’s in the box

Inside the box we get 3 Play-Doh can heads, one Captain America Can Head Play Doh pot, one Spiderman Can Head Play Doh pot and one Venom Can Head Play Doh pot, one Venom base, one Spiderman jet and one Captain America Motorbike and Shield.


This set is lots of fun if you love Play Doh (who doesn’t?) and Marvel characters Spider-Man, Captain America and Venom. To get started simply take everything out of the box there is no set up time. With this set you get lots of moulds which include Venoms base with a spider mould on the bottom of it, Spiderman’s jet has moulds at each side of his jet which you can push down into Play Doh when playing and Captain America’s motorbike’s wheels are moulds which can be pushed along the Play Doh. The best feature of the set is the 3 cans of play doh (can heads) can be pushed into the bases and then played with. Captain America’s shield can be decorated as can Spiderman’s jet with bevelled spots for decorating. All it takes is a little imaginative play and lots of fun can be had making your very own Play-Doh battles.