Rainbow Dash Play-Doh Styling Salon Review

Rainbow Dash Play-Doh Styling Salon Review

The My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Play-Doh Styling Salon Playset is lots of creative fun. You will have lots of fun designing her just the way you’d like to, she looks so colourful once completed.

What’s in the box

• 1 Rainbow Dash Pony

• 1 Set of Wings

• 1 Base

• 1 Plastic Scissors

• 6 Small Pots of Play Doh Compound


This set lets you have loads of fun creating Rainbow Dash out of lovely colourful Play Doh, the colours are nice and bright just like Rainbow Dash’s hair colours. To get started you need to push on her wings which clip on with ease and slide her onto the base. From there you can let your creative juices flow and design her just as you like. There is plenty of Play Doh to fill in all of her wings and make some pretty creations using the moulds. Both sides of Rainbow Dash feature moulds, there is one for her cutie mark too which looks great.

A great feature of this set is her hair extruder which is a part of Rainbow Dash, to use it you fill the hole with Play Doh and push down on the extruder and it creates her hair ready to braid or trim with the plastic scissors. All of the moulds form part of her instead of having other tools which keeps things simple and all in one.

This set allows you to mix the play doh together and still create something which looks so pretty, with rainbow hair and rainbow wings she looks fantastic!

This set is suitable for ages 3+

If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video: