Shopkins Ballet Collection Season 3 Playset Review

Shopkins Ballet Collection Season 3 Playset Review

The Shopkins Season 3 Ballet Collection is so fun and cute!

What’s in the box

With this set we get 8 exclusive Shopkins which include:

• Teeni 1 and Tiny 2

• Tutucute

• Lippo

• Duffa

• Piano Man

• Music Box

•  Tiara.

• A cute storage piano called Playful Piano that can fit two Shopkins inside

• A piano chair and stand.


The ballet collection is really cute, all of the Shopkins fit perfectly to create your very own Shopkins ballet scene, who will you be inviting to the ball? This set is lots of fun for imaginative play although we do wish that the piano could store more Shopkins in and adding a musical touch to the piano could have made a nice finishing touch for it. Overall this is a pleasing set and a great addition to a Shopkins scene, this fits very well with the other Shopkins collection sets which have been released at the same time as season 3. All the Shopkins in this set are exclusives so you must buy the set, these Shopkins cannot be found in blind baskets and 12 packs etc.

This set is suitable for ages 3+

If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video: