Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset Review

Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset Review

Perfect for any Shopkins lover the Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset is a great addition to your Shopkins scenes!

What’s in the box

• We get four exclusive Shopkins: a shoe, a fashion bag, a perfume and a lipstick.

• Boutique

• Two shopping bags

• Lipstick couch

• Counter

• Mirror

• Pick n mix display stand

• Fashion stand


Out of the box this set is lots of fun for anyone who loves Shopkins, it has a few main features-

The Elevator

The elevator has a stud for you to place your Shopkins on and using it is so simple, to play simply lift it up and you will bring the Shopkin to the upper floor of the boutique. The elevator is very glittery as is the slide in this set.

The Style Slide

The slide is used similarly to the elevator, you place your Shopkin on the stud and bring the slide to the top and then let go to watch your Shopkin slide down to the bottom.

The Changing Room

The changing room has a cute opening heart door, to use it you place the Shopkin on the stud and then pull and push the lever and watch your Shopkin go in and out of the changing room. It spins as it goes in and out. To the left on the upper floor there are two drawers to store some Shopkins inside.

Counter and Accessories

Downstairs on the ground floor there is a counter area with shelving to place more of your Shopkins and there is a small mirror. To the right of the ground floor there is an area you can place your pick and mix stand and fashion stand or your lipstick couch. We thought this area was perfect as a lounge area and placed the lipstick couch here keeping the pick n mix and fashion stand outside of the main boutique.

The pick n mix stand features four opening doors as places to store and display your Shopkins, the doors open easily although the hinges do not seem very strong but if played with carefully there wouldn’t be any issues. The stand is decorated with cute lollipops and sweet treats on the front. The fashion stand has a small heart on top and can be used to display more of your Shopkins.

In this set you also get 2 shopping bags, these can be opened up and serve as a place to store a single Shopkin.

The Shopkins you get in this set are very cute and fit in with the fashion boutique theme perfectly although we would have loved to have seen a clothing Shopkin for the changing room feature such as a dress to match it.

Overall this set is easy to set up and lots of fun to play with if you love Shopkins.

This set is for ages 3+.

If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video: