Shopkins Season 2 Mega Pack Review

The Shopkins Season 2 Mega Pack is filled with 20 Shopkins, this is the largest pack of Shopkins you can buy!

What’s in the box

20 Shopkins figures from Season 2, 6 Shopkins shopping bags and 1 Collectors Guide.


This being the largest pack of Shopkins you can buy we had to pick one up to see which Shopkins from season 2 we would get inside. Inside this pack we found four of the all new Crystal Glitz Shopkins which are very cute Shopkins, translucent and filled with glitter making them look sparkly inside. The Shopkins I found are:

  • Choco Lava
  • Garlic Rose
  • Waffle Sue
  • Sweeps
  • Peta Plunger
  • Sneaky Wedge
  • Carrie Carrot Cake
  • Bun Bun Slipper
  • Saucy Pan
  • Pecanna Pie
  • Olivia Oil
  • Chris P Crackers
  • Toasty Pop
  • Cute Boot
  • Bree Freshner
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Sneaky Sue
  • Betty Boot
  • Toffee Coffee
  • Poppy Corn


The Shopkins in season 2 are very well designed just as with the first season with lots of fun names and bringing whole new shopping teams to the Shopkins World with Cleaning and Laundry, Shoes and Homewares. Along with the new teams there are brand new limited edition Shopkins including Lee Tea, Donna Donut, Marsha Mellow and Rub-a-Glove.

Product Pictures