Shopkins Season 4 Limited Edition Guide

Shopkins Season 4 Limited Edition Guide

Let’s take a look at all of the new Shopkins season 4 limited editions, we have noticed that all of them in season 4 are perfume bottles which makes a change, in all the other seasons they have been varied types of Shopkins with everything from cupcakes with the famous Cupcake Queen to shoe Angie Ankle Boot. This time around they are all perfumes and all are super cute!

Meet the Limited Edition Shopkins:

Frenchy Perfume


Frenchy looks similar to a lot of adult perfumes and aftershaves with flat surfaces and a sleek design.

Pretty Puff


Pretty Puff reminds us of old perfume bottles from many years ago with the pump to spray the perfume at the side of the bottle.

Sparkly Spritz


This Shopkin is ready to spritz you up and she has a knobbly lid unlike all of the other limited editions.

Pretty Bow Kay


Pretty Bow Kay is simple and elegant with her purple bottle and golden bow.

Gemma Bottle


Gemma Bottle reminds us of Gemma Stone, she looks like she is made of blue diamonds and you have to love her happy cheeky face.

Sally Scent


Sally Scent is one of our favourites, she is heart shaped and has a cute heart accessory dangling from her.

Keep your eyes peeled in your hunt for a limited edition, fingers crossed for everyone looking for one! Let us know which limited edition you hope to find in season 4 in the comments, we are really hoping to find any of them and have so many baskets to open on Toy Kingdom.