Shopkins Season 5 Release Date

Shopkins Season 5 Release Date

Shopkins Season 5 will be in the making as Moose Toys creates their next season of their really popular collectible toys, Shopkins. Previous releases of Shopkins have come every 6 months roughly with Shopkins season 1 originally released in June/July 2014, season 2 in December 2014, Season 3, June/July 2015 and then season 4 in December 2015.

Based on previous release dates we believe Shopkins Season 5 will have a release date of June 2016 or around this time depending on where you live. Almost all releases of Shopkins have been in the USA first with releases worldwide in the months after so if it comes out in June 2016 in the USA you can expect them everywhere else by July/August.

In season 4 we met the new teams Petkins, Garden, Accessories Party Time and Pet Shop. We really like the new teams especially the Petkins which now brings pets into the Shopkins world. We would love to see new teams in season 5 and we are sure we will. What teams do you think will be coming in season 5, what would you like to see next for Shopkins? We would love to hear what you think.