How to Spot Fake Shopkins on eBay

How to Spot Fake Shopkins on eBay

We as many others have been unfortunate enough to have purchased a full case of fake Shopkins on eBay, that sinking feeling when you realise, we have been there and this post will help show you how to spot fake Shopkins if you ever accidentally purchase them so you can get yourself a refund or even help prevent you from ever purchasing fakes. It is so easy to accidentally buy fakes and it is good to be on the look out before purchasing!

Fake Shopkins on eBay

Ebay is notorious for having fake products from Hong Kong listed for sale and right now there are countless listings waiting for parents and children to unknowingly make a purchase of these counterfeit toys, the fakes do look just like the originals when packed but when unpacked it becomes very obvious they are knock offs and are not the same quality as genuine Shopkins that Moose toys have made. These sellers have lots of positive feedback from buyers completely unaware that they are buying cheap imitation products which are inferior to the originals.

Spotting the Fakes!

To begin here is an image with two fake Shopkins and two real Shopkins, see if you can spot the difference between the authentic ones and the fakes:

Spot Fake Shopkins - Spot the difference

Number one is a genuine Shopkin Ice Cream Dream, number two is the fake, number three is genuine, number four Silly Chilli is fake and number 5 is a genuine one. The main difference of looks is their paint job, if you look at the eyes of the fake ones they are poorly painted and overlap the outline of their eyes, the same can be said about Silly Chilli’s stem, there is black paint dripping down his face. The feel of the plastics is different too when squeezing them they are slightly harder than real Shopkins.

Taking a closer look at Ice Cream Dream you can see that the fake’s mouth is off to the side rather than being below where the nose is, it is close to its arm oddly.


and here is a side by side comparison of Silly Chilli both in yellow, the original being a brighter yellow and the fake being darker as well as the poor painting –


Taking a look at the main case packaging you can see that the print quality is inferior to Moose’s usual printing, the colours are quite faded and not as vivid although it is a very close match and is enough to fool almost anyone into buying them.



The baskets are very close to looking the same as Moose Toys but the counterfeits print quality is very poor and dark in comparison –



Looking at the check list you will notice that the font for the Shopkin’s names is different, the print quality again is poor.



Surprisingly we found sellers are selling these at the same price as genuine Shopkins, this would appear that they are doing this to help blend these fake products in with genuine Shopkins so as to not put off buyers with extremely low price tags.

Precautions you can take to avoid buying the fakes

  • Checking the location of the item, buying locally rather than from China decreases the chances of them being fake. Buying locally in your country from trusted toy shops and established small businesses decreases the chances of them being fakes.
  • Check the listing for wording that hints at an inauthentic product such as “made with 100% plastic”,  “made of quality plastic”, “Manufacture: China, Chinese Factory Homegrown products for Sale”, “Material: PVC” etc
  • Watch out for lower priced Shopkins that are suspiciously priced.

This seller in particular has lots of listings for Shopkins with season 3 and season 4 12 packs, 5 packs and blind baskets all of which are fakes – Elegant2020 Shopkins Listings  they also have lots of good feedback from buyers completely unaware of them being sold copies.

As a buyer or potential buyer the best thing you can do is report the products via eBay’s report tool and if you have already purchased some be sure to request a refund in full. Some sellers wont want the items sent back after opening them but you are still entitled to a full refund if they have been opened and then found out they are counterfeits.

I hope this helps you when buying Shopkins online, stay alert when buying and have fun collecting!