Top Ten Christmas Surprise Toys List 2016

Top Ten Christmas Surprise Toys List 2016

Christmas is just around the corner now and the Winter is drawing closer, to make the Christmas shop a little easier we have our top ten list of surprise toys and blind bags for Christmas 2016.

1. Shopkins Season 6

Shopkins are one of the hottest collectible surprise toys around and season 6 brings a dash of flavour to the seasons with all new Chef Club recipes. Each Shopkins 2 pack comes packaged in a plastic jar with 2 characters inside.


This season each Shopkin has a scannable QR code on the bottom so you can scan them using the Shopkins app to unlock them. In season 6 Shopkins are now in groups of recipes and the Shopkins make up the recipes.

Season 6 has already been released in the UK and USA in October well before Christmas 2 months earlier than usual with stores such as Smyths, The Entertainer and Toys R Us all having them in stock and on the shelves. Grab them while you can!

2. Oddbods Blind Bags

Oddbods has been a massive hit on YouTube, created by One Animation the cartoon for kids now has its very own toys and one of our favourites this Christmas is their new Oddbods surprise blind bags. There are 50 to collect in series 1 with rare special Oddbods characters to collect and a super rare Slick figure in gold. You can collect all of your favourite characters from the show in lots of funny and odd poses.


Inside each pack you get one Oddbod, who will you find?

3. Twozies

From the creators of Shopkins, Trashies and The Grossery Gang comes Twozies they are super cute and come in pairs. Inside each pack you get a Twozie baby and a pet friend.


In the series there are ultra rare neon babies to be found and limited editions and there are over 140 to collect, wow!

4. My Little Pony Blind Bags

My Little Pony blind bags are always very popular all year around and they make number 4 on our top list for Christmas, they are a classic amongst collectibles with new waves every several months and are always fairly easy to find when on a toy hunt.


The latest wave is wave 18 with 17 only just recently becoming available in the UK with a Halloween theme to their packets. Each blind bag comes with a pony and a collectors card with a short caption below the ponies picture.

5. Minecraft Series 6 Blind Boxes

The Minecraft blind box series has series 6 end stone themed out! Minecraft fans worldwide can start collecting their favourite characters and mobs from the hit game adored by children worldwide.


In series 6 there are 12 to collect with a potion drinking witch, Shulker and so many more awesome mini-figures.

6. Num Noms Series 2

The yummy scented nummy Num Noms are back and are just as cute and delicious looking as ever. In series 2 there are lots of new characters to collect and recipes to make.



In each blind pack you get a Num and a Nom, the Num goes on top and the Nom on the bottom. The Nom can be either a lip gloss Nom with a scented lip gloss you can use and collect or a cute stamper!

7. Ooshies – Marvel and DC Comics

At number 7 we have the all new Ooshies, they are squishy collectables that double up as cool pen toppers for any superheroes fan. There are DC Comics Ooshies and Marvel Ooshies, with Batman, the Joker and many more in the DC series and The Hulk and Spiderman as well as many of your favourite Marvel superheroes in the Marvel series.


There are over 40 to collect in each series and two limited edition Ooshies you can find!

8. Surprizamals Surprise Eggs

Surprizamals are the cutest surprise eggs ever, each capsule comes with a surprise animal plushy inside, they have big adorable eyes and their very own name tag on them.


There are a few series, the wacky series and the cuties with cute stuffed pet animals waiting to be adopted!

9. Trolls Movie Blind Bags and Capsules

With the recent release of the new Dreamworks Trolls movie there are blind bags and collectibles with series 1 and 2 blind bags and surprise capsules.


Inside the blind bags there are troll mini-figures to collect all with long fluffy colourful hair and in the capsules are collectable keychain trolls with 6 to collect.

10. Crystal Surprise Babies

With big, beautiful cute eyes just like Shopkins or when a dog is begging are Crystal Surprise Babies, they are really cute crystal-like see through collectible cutie pets. Inside each blind bag there is 1 baby pet with ultra rare sparkly pets to chase to add to your collection.


So that’s our Christmas toy surprises top ten list for 2016, feel free to share any you think should have made the top ten list in the comments and let me know which surprise toys/blind bags/eggs you will be buying this Christmas for your children or yourself!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!