Tsum Tsum Toy Shop Playset Review Entertainer Exclusive

Tsum Tsum Toy Shop Playset Review Entertainer Exclusive

The Tsum Tsum Toy Shop playset from Disney is super adorable and the perfect toy for any Tsum Tsum collector or fan!

What’s in the box

1 Tsum Tsum Toy Shop Playset

2 Exclusive Tsum Tsums Alice in Wonderland and Mickey Mouse


The Disney Tsum Tsum toy shop is really good fun for any Tsum Tsum collector, it features:

Stacking Stand – Press down the stand and place your Tsum Tsums on the stand and press the button to watch them pop into the air.

Two Display Stands – One stand is detachable allowing you to display your Tsum Tsums anywhere you wish and the other has a star at the top which when pressed will make your Tsum Tsums do a cute wiggle as they are squished.

Air popper – The set also has a removable air popper for your Tsum Tsums, simply place a Tsum Tsum on the stand and then hit the button to watch them pop within the container.

Tsum Tsum Holder – At the top of the set there is a small egg shaped container which opens allowing you to display two of your favourite Tsum Tsums inside.

With the set you get two squishy Tsum Tsums, they are really cute and a little squishy too, we thought they might have been similar to mashems in terms of squishiness but they are quite firm in comparison to most mashems.

The Mickey and Minnie Mouse parts both wiggle when pushed and played with.

The toy is suitable for ages 5+ and is currently an Entertainer Toy Shop exclusive. You can also purchase the 2 pack, 4 pack and 5 pack of Tsum Tsum squishies from there too.

If you would like to see this toy in action check out our video: